National Bison Day - Nov 2nd 2019

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U.S. National Mammal: The Bison

Congress passed the National Bison Legacy Act in April 2016 with unanimous support to make the bison's adoption to this role. The first Saturday in November now marks National Bison Day to bring together bison supporters, including Native Americans, bison producers, conservationists, sportsmen, and educators to celebrate the significance of Bison. 

The American Bison, also commonly known as the American buffalo, once roamed the grasslands of North America in massive herds, and became nearly extinct. The bison are considered a historical symbol of the United States and were integrally linked with the economic and spiritual lives of many Native American tribes through trade and sacred ceremonies. Bison also play an important role in improving soil and creating beneficial habitat whilst holding significant economic value for private producers and rural communities. 


Join us in celebrating National Bison Day in New Mexico. 

More details coming soon. 




November 1st 2019

Santa Fe, NM

Saturday November 1st

            Agenda and Celebration
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